Wednesday, 31 January 2007

How do you scrapbook a bout of gastro?

'Cause the Junior Grendels are not being very photogenic this week and Junior Grendel Two has spent 48 hours throwing up at inconvenient moments (anytime he throws up it is automatically inconvenient!).

This leads me to ask a question of the scrappers who pass by this little window on my world - Do you scrap only the happy moments?

Surely some of the most important times we have are not happy, but should they be remembered in scrapbooks and how do you deal with reliving sad times while you scrap about them (or is the scrapping the therapy?)

I'd be interested to hear what people scrapbook about and why because for a non-scrapper it is often hard to work out why our beloved scrapper's scrap stuff.

On the scraproom front, I returned home from work today to find that Mrs Grendel has already measured up to room and started selecting items from the IKEA catalogue.

I'm starting to worry and the credit card has gone catatonic.


Anonymous said...

I only scrapbook the happy stuff, mostly because that's what I take photos of. I can see why scrapping something sad or terrible might be therapeutic, but I like to look through the albums and remember all the happy things when I'm feeling low.

I think there's often something happy to scrap even in a sad event.

Diane Roberts said...

I scrap everything - the happy times, the sad times, the angry times, the "failures" and the "successes". It's important to leave a record of life - not just happy life, otherwise you're only telling half the story.

Chrissie said...

I have photos in my collection of my daughter having a cry when she was tired and needed to go to bed, but it was her very first day of ballet ever ever, so photos were in order.

I have photos of my aunt's funeral (tasteful...people looking at the flowers and such)

And I know loads of people who've taken pics of their children with chicken pox (mostly because their face looks so awful, it's got to be done really)

Oh...and I have a fabulous photo of a disasterous birthday cake my mum made me one year ( looked TERRIBLE!!! Made me laugh my head off though!)

Scrapbooking to me is an extension of journal/diary keeping. Personally I wouldn't go into deep detail about negative thoughts I was having, but obviously I would record pooey days...and so I should scrapbook those times too. Thing is, when life is not so good, the last thing we want is someone shoving a camera in our face, so perhaps that's why there aren't so many photos of such events. But yes, scrap away (I dare you to get a picture of someone heaving up in the toilet - bwaahaaahaa!)

Sue said...

LOL I am a cruel mother..I have a wonderful LO of dort having a great temper tantrum !! having children with learning/behavioural problems, this is common in our family and i thought she ought to see it when she is older..Its doesn't say anything too awful on it but is titled" learning the hard way " LOL..Its all about truth isn't it ...haven't scraped throwing up yet mrs Grendal going to ??LOl
Hope they are better soon!

Anonymous said...

I have pics of crying and sad faces and brilliant spotty pox ones. Not scrapped any of them yet - I don't want to actually USE my stash!!! *shock horror*

Erin and Leslie and the boyz! said...

i have scraped what i call and Obituatary page.. I put a Very nice photo of the person then I cut the obituary from the newspaper and the funeral order paper from the funeral and I do it to remember them of who they were before they left us you know.. the picture that usually would accompany the write in the paper.. I am that is about as sad I get.. I dont want to remember somethings.. and I usually think of it this way.. would my Great Grand kids love seeing this LO? if not.. then I dont scrap it.. waste of money or time then.. I dont think about scraping for me.. but of those who will be here when i am gone. :)

I absoLUTELY love your blog.. wish my hubby was one to do something or ANYTHING like this.. LOL your wife is a Lucky lucky woman!!! :) Have a good day!!

Jo Sinnamon said...

I do scrap happy and sad, and have done the chickenpox pages - though not a bout of gastro yet LOL!!

S'pose I do the sad because I don't want the kids and grandkids to think life was just one happy round - as Diane said, it's like a little journal of our lives for me.

Love your blog, and hubby's getting a kick out of reading it too. Maybe I should stop him - he's started nodding his head in agreement and muttering under his breath.....

Hope Junior Grendel two improves soon.

AimeeInOhio said...

I scrapbook mostly the happy stuff, but sometimes something not so pleasant makes it in. I want the kids to see a complete picture of our lives, ya know?

Anonymous said...

i have a photo that my son took of him and his mates, after a night on the booze, being violently ill (as one does at 3am and very drunk!) I just cant decide on what colour cardstock to use and which patterned paper to put with it..chatterbox or basic grey??
so in answer, yes, one must scrap the bad as well as the good!!..
great blog, i love it!!!!!! just ever so funny, but scarily TRUE!!!