Wednesday, 24 January 2007

10 reasons

10 reasons you should be grateful they scrapbook.

  1. It gives you an excuse to upgrade your computer (photoshop will run so much better on that new video card!)
  2. An excuse to upgrade your camera
  3. You’ll need to buy more tools to help out with big scrapping projects
  4. It DOES shift some of those old family photos from shoe boxes
  5. If you develop Alzheimer’s Syndrome you’ll have an easy reference guide to friends and family
  6. It gets rid of any excess cash you had lying around
  7. It’s cheaper than one or two other hobbies
  8. Ok – I’ve run out reasons.


Chrissie said...

8. If she's busy scrapbooking she's NOT nagging YOU! *Chrissie speaks as a voice of experience*

Erin&Casper said...

You're right. It must be at least a tiny bit cheaper than kite-surfing.

Anonymous said...

9. It measn the TV is available for watching anything that isn't a soap opera, Create & Craft, or a TV-shopping channel.

Sue said...

I was going to say about the TV ..My DH can watch whatever he wants now including sport!! He also has an impressive collection of Rugby shirts that i would never have allowed him to buy if i did not spend so much on stash!!
He goes away for the odd rugby weekend and i can say nothing!

Tracey said...

10. Golf! You can take up the only MORE expensive hobby in the world.....