Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Travelling scraps

So, we know about the paper, the embellishments, the special pens, the new printer, the matte photo papers, razor sharp scissors that are "absolutely never ever to be used for trimming wires after a soldering job" (hey copper is softer than steel, how was I to know the edges would burr?).

There are fairs, crop nights, challenges, craft shows, classes, conferences, 'scrapaganzas', all light crop-a-thons and the biggie - the weekend away at a scrapbookers retreat.

Now Mrs Grendel is off to one of these in a few weeks, and I pretty much have the whole routine down now, but let me tell you, the first couple were a real shock.

It's not being left with the boys that is the problem - we always have a ball, but it is the loading and unloading of the multi-ton truck required to cart 3 scrappers and their accoutrements away for a period of time.

If Mrs Noah had been a scrapbooker we'd be short a bunch of mammal species today - hey, now we know what happened to the dinosaurs, they got left off to make room for the 12 by 12 inch paper sheets (I wonder what that is in 'cubits'?).

Ok - enough fun getting the young earth creationists excited about nothing, but the travelling scrapper is a sight to behold.

I reckon a scrapbook husband could do worse than invest in the companies that make shock absorbers because after one trip away with the scrappers the average family sedan is sure going to need a new set!


Anonymous said...

Oh you poor poor man. The weekend retreats are the most fun. At least she hasn't gone on one of the Scrapping cruises yet!

"Grendel" said...

They have cruises? crap. Should I start saving now?

Anonymous said...

As much as i hate to say it this is VERY true. From the other side of the room my DP is laughing away! He still wonders why i keep doing PIFs hasnt worked it out yet what it means....

"Grendel" said...

I confess that PIFs is a new one for me also.

I think one project on this blog may have to be a glossary of scrapbooking and scrapchat terms!

Allie said...

Your blog has had me LMAO, because I know my DH would agree with you 100%, especially about the car being packed to the rafters for 2 nights away!!! Looking forward to reading more posts in the future! Allie