Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Maybe its a Perk?

I've been trying really hard to look at scrapbooking from the 'what's in it for me angle' and I have a little advice for other partners of scrapbookers.

Indulge the hobby.

If they aren't serious, sure you will have blown a lot of money, but then you can feel free to take up and dump and expensive hobby of your own without a huge guilt factor.

If it turns out that scrapbooking is a serious obsession then there is not much you could have done anyway. Keep the family scrapper happy. Keep the supplies of paper and product coming and establish a scrapping budget. At the same time establish your own hobby budget - even if you don't have a hobby the money will come in handy when Dana Darling or some other fabulous scrapping guru releases the latest in fashionised camera bags that are the 'must have' of the scrapping world.

Mrs Grendel loves hers. . .


Erin&Casper said...

Just a note of clarification... I'm not actually a scrapper. I noticed I somehow ended up in the 'scrappers' link.
I managed to stumble across your coffee blog from Hamo's page. And then onto here from there...
My justification is that I am on uni holidays, and have much time to fill.

I have just got myself a brand new camera, though...my first one ever.... and have also just got married. So, according to your stats, a new camera and a big life change means I am at this point at increased risk of catching the scrapping bug.

"Grendel" said...

Indeed you are at significant risk - If you were a regular reader of hamo's blog you'll be looking for another way to fill in time now he has left the net. You may be able to reduce the risk by ceasing all photographic activities immediately to prevent a critical mass of photographs from accumulating - this will remove the need to "find something to do with all these great photos".

Of course if you start having kids you are probably doomed.

Personally - stick to coffee as a hobby!