Friday, 19 January 2007

Not tonight dear I'm scrapping

Ok, this somewhat delicate topic had to come up sooner or later.

Scrapping and Sex.

There are some enormous unanswered questions out there on this topic, so I have constructed a rigorous, and only slightly lewd and amusing survey on a quest to answer some of the really important questions about sex and scrapbooking.

The survey is at survey monkey - Click here to take the survey

I'm too cheap to pay the $19.95 fee for the professional level, so I can only get the first 100 responses - take it now to have your say!

Once the results are in - I'll naturally be making full disclosure right here!


CarolineO said...

Haha, hilarious! Mr Grendel, you have too much time on your should take up a hobby, maybe scrapping??

AimeeInOhio said...

oh my I cracked up taking that survey.

And for the record my hubby can't keep up with ME!!!!!!! heehee