Saturday, 27 January 2007

Scrapbooking Daze

No, there will be no use of the word 'Daze' to pun on 'days'. I am referring of course to that malady well known to most scrapper's partners (henceforth abbreviated to 'SPs') where the scrapbooker becomes so engrossed in their scrapbooking activity that not even the archangel Michael sounding the trumpets of Armageddon could rouse them - and for a sincere atheist that has to represent a significant amount of distraction.

I know this to be true because I don't think it is too far a stretch between the outraged scream of a frustrated three-year old who wants a drink and the blast of a divine designed-and-built b-flat bugle.

The look of concentration on Mrs Grendel's face was intense as she went about her task of transferring layouts from a large pizza box (a staple of scrapper's storage apparently) to a new suede bound album (I have mentioned these before I am sure!).

It seems that there are some important rules governing how layouts are ordered in an album, but the rules defy any of the usual cataloging conventions and are as yet impenetrable to me.

Whatever guides the hand, the task requires intense concentration and I think if I had asked a question I may possibly have received an unrelated answer.

I must remember that next time I want to but a new coffee toy.


GM Doug said...

Ah Pizza Boxes....

We get them in the post you know.

With a dawn door bell which MUST be answered less the postman returns the pizza box to the depot for us (me) to go collect.

Of course as with many things scrapbooking somehow the dimensions which require 12" by 12" and large pizza boxes fail to interact with ... well the rest of the world.

I've yet to see a letterbox big enough for the pizza boxes. I doubt our postman would even manage it if they did exist.

So instead when that dawn or before (often before) doorbell rings and I (not scrapbooking wife) have jump out of bed run down the stairs in the hope that maybe just maybe it's a parcel for me..... But it never is... it's another Pizza box...

You know the worst part the part that REALLY upsets me... there's NEVER EVER EVER a real pizza in those boxes and I'm hungry in the morning.

"Grendel" said...

And that concept is worthy of a post of its own!

Dr. Sheryl said...

OMG, is Mrs. Grendel a member of CS???

Do those PB's come from Wisconsin?

If so, when is she coming over for a weekend retreat, still time available in August....