Friday, 26 January 2007

The battle has begun

Ah yes, the plans for world domination grow daily. "we just need a little more space" has been a catch cry of tyrants throughout history, and Mrs Grendel, while not a tyrant in the traditional sense, is making her best efforts to invade new territories in search of fresh scrapping country.

In our house this means that she wants to convert the front room to a scrapping room.

I wondered why she insisted on French Doors for the front room. I suspect she's been planning this for a long time.

The armies of "site of a future home theater" are fighting a desperate rearguard action, hampered by our total lack of anything remotely resembling a HiFi let alone a home theater system and my disdain for any of the current large screen plasma or LCD technologies.

I can see that for me, 'Home theater' may well be a set of headphone and a portable DVD player which can be conveniently relocated at short notice (along with me) if the space they (or I) occupy is required for scrapping.


Scraproom Looser said...

Grendel, man, you have my sympathies. As soon as this battle begins it's the sign that you've already lost - I know, I've been there.

Alli said...

but honey... it will be OUR room, a room where we can both sit and not bump chairs or knock things off shelves every time we move. This way we have a toy room for the boys, a spare room for your mum when she comes to stay, we wont have to get a nasty fold out lounge bed, we can keep the big comfy bed for her.. wouldn't that be so nice. Then we utilise so much more of the space we have..

Princess Tamara said...

Grendel, you poor soul you ... LOL. My husband already has the portable DVD player, I should have got him a good set of earphones for christmas! Ah well, there's always his birthday.

"Grendel" said...

Ahh yes, well a wizard's staff ain't the only thing with knobs on!

If the major electronics manufacturers hadn't dickered around so much we'll have OLED or laser screens now and my home theatre plans would be complete!

Lissy said...

give in...give in... I think scraproom loser is correct!!

Nina said...

Think ipod, you won't need the portable DVD or the headphones.......alternative might be to build Mrs. G. her own room, although I must admit my room is getting smaller with each passing day and I am now eyeing my DH office space! We just need to kock out the wall between the 2 rooms - LOL
Love your Blog!