Wednesday, 31 January 2007

A Setback

As Commander-in-Chief of the Home Theatre forces defending the front room of Castle Grendel from the forces of Scrapbooking Room, it is my dire duty to report that a third faction has entered the fray and has currently gained the upper hand on the battlefield.

This third faction is a coalition comprised of Thomas the Tank Engine (and friends), Lego and Assorted Toys. Under the direction of Junior Grendel One and Junior Grendel Two, the Toy Coalition forces have deployed in strength and are currently holding a significant proportion of floor space. Scouts report that they are also making probing attacks onto the lounge and tables.

A squadron of recently arrived Cars led by the infamous Lightning McQueen have taken positions at the entrance to Front Room and have proven a hazard for scouts of Home Theatre forces and we understand that units of Scrapbooking Room have also fallen foul of their trap.

We are going to attempt to negotiate with the Toy Coalition to withdraw to their pre-play encampments but previous attempts to achieve this have been met with stolid refusal and occasional tantrums.

If these attempts fail, a temporary cease-fire between Home Theatre and Scrapbooking Room may be negotiated in order to clear the field and conduct a joint survey for future planning.

While not as well equipped as the Scrapbooking Room forces, the Home Theatre army is determined to stay the course and take the territory.

Field Marshall Grendel von Grendel
Commander in Chief
Home Theatre Faction


Dr. Sheryl said...

Grenel, I happen to be enjoying a visit from a Home Theater professional, even a mercenary, I suppose. He would like to tell you that trains and home theaters need not be mutually exclusive. However, for reasons he refuses to explain, scrapbooking is anathema to both.

Chrissie said...

I hear, however, that the Toy Coalition grow stronger and taller by the day (on a diet of fish fingers, pizza, and tinned spaghetti) which might lead to difficult times ahead.

Also (it must be pointed out) that Home Theatre's government AND Scrapbooking Room's ruling party BOTH supplied The Toy Coalition with their armaments. Politically unwise move.

*sigh* War is such a sad sad thing...