Monday, 15 January 2007

There's this bloke over the in USA. . .

And HIS wife is a scrapbooker too, so he started a blog to write about what it is like being married to a scrapbooker. Good idea I reckon - I started drafting a long comment when I thought that it would be a bit rude to dump a whole post length comment on his blog - so I made my own.

Solidarity brothers! Scrapbook husbands of the world unite!


4kidsat147 said...

I feel your pain, started with selling old "tools" on ebay to fund new stash. Now i have a office in the living room and the stock room is taking over one of the childrens bed rooms. My PC is now in the cupboard under the stairs and i am hunched over it and its make shift desk (partly formed by the album cupboard that i knock my knees against) as i write to share my woes.I am typing this on my wifes ID. No longer do we disscus needing a bigger house due to having 4 kids but for the sake of the stash we must leave our first home SOON.

"Grendel" said...

Yeah, I hear you. I had hoped that the whole 'digital scrapbook' idea might take off and eliminate the need for all those physical items. Apparently though digital is NOT archival enough, and besides, you have to be able to show people the albums when they come around.

Anonymous said...

Man, don't even hope for a digi-scrapping revolution - it just means that 'your' PC becomes a shrine to all sorts of weird and wonderful fonts.

Suddenly the printer that has performed wonderfully for the last 3 years develops 'issues' that mean a whole new one has to be bought, and not just a photo-realisic one, this baby has to have a resolution capable of printing the entire works of Shakespeare on the head of a pin!

And once that've got this mythical beast, then there's the scanner. Afterall, what's the point of having a decent printer if all your asking it to print is 'jaggedey' picture???

Now I don't know much about scanners, but I'm sure the one that appeared magically after the dreaded RETREAT would produce images that make those from spy satelites look like etch-a-sketch.

Stevie D said...

OMG - you should be a writer! You capture the essence of being a scrap widow to a "T".
Not only are we moving house to accomodate this obsession, but a whole bloody continental shift is on the cards. In the early days of deciding if a move to New Zealand was feasible, one of the deciding factors was "Oh, scrappin' is huge in NZ..."
So, we now have to add to the "stash" in case you can't buy this stuff down there. "Oh, better put some of that in, just in case" or "Wonder if I could import this stuff direct from China"? Sure you'll understand.

So brother, stand firm, united in the knowledge that you are not alone!!

"Grendel" said...

Well it seems to be a shared (er, is she reading over your shoulder?) 'Affliction'!

New Zealand is a great choice by the way - spent lots of time there when I was younger and have even considered moving there from Australia.

Christi said...

OMG, this is a funny blog. I'm soooooooo sure my DH would relate. And probably my kids lol. I'll have to get him to have a read tonight ;)

Cami said...

just wanted to say I was directed to your blog tonite by a friend. I am a woman and a scrapper but I am laughing so hard and having a great time reading your blog. Your writing is excellent and you are hilarious! I will definitely be bookmarking you and coming back.
Can't wait to read more!
*Smiles to You*