Sunday, 28 January 2007

A purple thing

Mrs Grendel has this purple scrapbooking thing.

Ha! I could start a hundred posts with that line and be talking about a different object each time.

Why is it that so many scrapbooking tools and things are purple? After all I thought that purple represents sexual frustration and you don't see De Walt tools producing hammer drills in purple plastic!

Anyway, the particular object I have in mind is called a 'Xyron' which I thought was a robot in Battlestar Galactica but apparently really is a purple sticker maker. That is, it is purple and makes stickers.

This is the coolest of the scrapping tools, as from time to time it allows me to make labels for my coffee when I have roasted a batch to give away as a present.

I know it is probably wide enough for scrapping but I'd love it if they made it a little wider for my coffee labels!

I still half expect that little slot at the front to start glowing red though.


domestic goddess said...

Your blog is fantastic and so apt!!! Just knowing the two of you and the wonderful relationship that you both have with each other just makes me smile at your love your style of writing!!

Princess Tamara said...

You do know they make bigger sizes of the Xyron, don't you??? lol

Daffie Online said...

Every time I buy a scrapbooking tool (in a colour I don't like, like pink...)..half a year later they present the new version of this tool in purple...which I do like and it makes me want to sell the old one :(

Maybe you could go scrapbook tool shopping together... some might come in handy for you!

"Grendel" said...

AH yes, shortly after making this post I heard a "Oh honeeeeeeee" in an aquisative tone from the scrap room as Mrs Grendel read my blog. She had already opened the Xyron site and was ready to sell me on the features of the much larger model.

AimeeInOhio said...

ahhh but now they are making many things in PINK, which makes me happy.