Sunday, 21 January 2007

Quick and Dirty

The quick and dirty analysis of the survey is as follows.

Both scrappers and their partners think their physical relationship was better before the scrapbooking started.

Is this a 'scrapbooking' problem or a 'life change' problem - for that I'd need a second survey, but it is no coincidence that most people who take up scrapbooking do so after a major life changing event, commonly having children. This event is often disruptive to intimacy. Why just today I was telling Junior Grendel Number Two to "Stay out of mummy and daddy's room!".

It is also possible that scrapbooking fills some of the emotional needs of the scrapbooker by allowing them to relive some happy moments. Meanwhile of course the partners are left to sort out their own issues. Beer, golf or in my case Coffee Roasting come into play here.

A further point of interest is that most scrappers were turned on by frustration rather than by new toys. I'd also recommend intimacy as a method of breaking through scrapper's block (naturally I WOULD recommend this. . .)

While it was only a half serious survey, the responses were interesting and thanks to those who took part - I will discuss it further later in the week.

For many of us scrapper's partners it is pretty mystifying at first and I must confess that at times I have been a little jealous of all the attention that the new suede-bound album, or crinklecut thingy or Xylon or Basic Grey mega-ultra-scrapper-pack or even the latest issue of "Scrapcooking Memories" is getting.

Still, can't complain. When I am old and grey, there will be the suede-bound albums, testament to the wondrous qualities of the acid and lignin free sheets within, and the smiling happy faces beaming out from $30 a sheet pearl high coat photo paper will still be as bright as ever, even when I can no longer remember their names.

And I'll STILL be hoping she has scrapper's block today!


inki said...

Not that your results weren't interesting, but can we all see that $30 sheet of paper?

Anne-Marie said...

So gotta show DH this blog... he will surely sympathise... mmmmmmmmmmmm, perhaps I shouldn't show him afterall!!!

paul said...

perhaps we could persuade our scrapping halves to scrap about sex... i suggest a range of scrapping projects...

a book of me...favourite position[s], favourite G spot, favourite location etc...

a circle journal - sexy is as sexy does...

a prize for the best lay out created by using sex to unblock the scrapping block

a combined sexpo/scrapo exhibition to kill 2 birds with one stone - that will make signing up for classes/testing products a lot more fun, lol

AimeeInOhio said...

a sex circle journal!! LOL I bet that one would be kept by someone!!