Monday, 29 January 2007

Be gentle - it's my first time. . .

Yes, every scrapper who reads magazines about scrapbooking has that first time.

The time that they see the layout they submitted in print, in the magazine for the first time. It is very important for the partner to get excited at that point and to make sure the scrapper knows just how proud you are of them.

Likewise it is very important for you to ridicule the self same editors when they fail to appreciate the stunning layouts and reject them for publication.

I have been fortunate - Mrs Grendel has a high degree of success in getting things published so I have not had to vituperate too much the editors of the various magazines to which 'we' subscribe.

Nevertheless I would heartily recommend that the scrapper's partner practice in front of the mirror for the day when you will have to release a stream of invective and curse the editor, their lack of artistic discernment and their probable character in order to support your scrapper.

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