Sunday, 25 February 2007


It looked for a brief shining moment that I was having an Austerlitz but after a long wearying retreat from Moscow I have met my Waterloo.

Le Grande Armee of the Republic of Home Theatre has been defeated and its General has capitulated.

The construction work on the front room is complete, the French Doors are fitted and all is in preparation for its transformation to a scrapbooking room.

Today was spent attempting to sell off some possessions at a garage sale - not much luck today though.

This will only delay the inevitable however, and the plans for a long workbench are in place. I'm planning a workbench of my own - in the garage. $90 for a sheet of ply and a carton of beer for a mate of mine who is a handyman and I'll have a long work and coffee roasting bench.

But either way Mrs Grendel's scrapping palace will proceed over the ashes of my home theatre empire - I have even provided war reparations and bought a split system air conditioner so that she can scrap in comfort. . .


Anne-Marie said...

and so hence forth the garage shall be know as Elba!

It is a great thing to be gracious in defeat General Grendel... I am sure that Mrs Grendel's ultimate happiness will be all the spoils you need to recover from this defeat.

Anthea Goodman said...

Ah, I see Mrs Grendel has won the battle. Never mind, peace will once more reign over your happy abode and marital harmony will resume. Gives me hope that I can convince my DH that we NEED to knock the garage down and build a scraproom extension in it's place! Just got to find another home for his Triumph Spitfire 2 seater.. do you reckon he would sell it to fund the extension at all? LOL


The Barefooted Scrapper said...

Your gracious defeat is a true model for all husbands of scrapbookers. Way to go Mrs. Grendel and congrats on your new work bench.

HelloHolly said...

At least you weren't exiled to Elba. But, even if you were, you could stage a comeback and take over. However, as history proves, you'll loose and then be banished to St. Helena, where you'll eventually die 6 years later. *Sorry, I'm a history education major AND a scrapbooker. Imagine my surprise when I saw this post today!*

"Grendel" said...

I have several things in my favour if I do decide to take back the empire.

My Elba is just a short walk from 'Paris' and there are no Prussians nearby.

Kelly said...

war reparations, lol