Thursday, 22 February 2007

Dangers of buying scrapping presents

Ok - to be perfectly frank, buying ANY present is fraught with dangers, but it seems that there are particular risks to buying scrapbooking presents.

First of all there's the additional cost because all of the 'Really Cool' scrapbooking stuff come from somewhere other than here - I imagine that this rule applies where ever you live, its just a truism that the cardstock is cleaner of the other side - or something.

So the deal have to be done furtively over the internet, trusting that the package will arrive on time. And worse, you have to sneak around using secret email accounts, funds squirreled away for presents and carefully guarded phone calls so that the surprise is kept.

By the end of the whole process I am such a wreck that i cannot comprehend how I can do this again.

And finally there is the fact that every scrapbooking item looks the same as every other scrapbooking item - and even worse they are all called he same thing.

I propose that scrapbooking items be provided with an International Charting of Keepsakes Indices (ICKI) - that is, a tracking number we men can use for simple ordering.

"Yes thanks, I'd Like 20 of the ICKI 200790223, 3 extra large ICKI 29847563's oh and throw in that ICKI 99857633 that is on special this week."

Ahhh yes - organisation!


Dr. Sheryl said...

Silly man, why don't you ask us what to get?

Anonymous said...

LOL! I was thinking the exact same thing. Maybe it's a bit like navigation - never rolling down the window to ask someone for directions as they know where they are going LOL!!

Tara said...

a scrapbooking voucher will never go down badly.

Tina said...

Find a good online scrapbooking shop with a 'wishlist' facility. It may not be a surprise, but you you can at least sleep soundly in the knowledge that you cannot possibly have got anything wrong!

DH (a complete coffee-snob) and I love your Blog: keep up the good work!

Tina said...

Oh dear, that sounded really patronising :(.

Keep on Blogging!

Anonymous said...

cold hard cash man...that's what we scrapper's like..cold hard cash, then we can shop to our hearts content, find that bargain and even have enough left over for that elusive ribbon!!! oh yes.i never say no to cold hard cash!

i so love your blog, when i read bits out to my DH he just nods his head and mutters things that sound like..'i know where he's coming from'...

"Grendel" said...

Cold hard cash - yup, but sometimes I like to buy a surprise and that is the minefield right there!