Monday, 12 February 2007

Scrappers are Socialists!

Or socialisers or socialites or social something. For an apparently solitary hobby they get together an awful lot. Every other week there is a night out, weekend away, afternoon crop or month long convention.

Mrs Grendel even organises her own events - last year she held a scrapbooking fundraiser that got nearly 60 in the one room all scrapping (or was that chatting) together (imagine the marketing opportunities!).

'Guy hobbies' seem to involve many fewer people at any one time - unless sports are involved. We are either small group creatures or vast crowd creatures - that middle ground of more than 6, less than 10,000 is foreign territory to us.

I was trying to imagine an event that would get 60 guys together in a hall sitting down at tables for hours on end and talking.

The only thing I could think of was Oktoberfest.

That made me think of beer, but I only have two left and neither are in the fridge (bad planning I say!)

So I had a coffee instead - and thought about Mrs Grendel's Fundraiser.

You see Junior Grendel Number One has autism.

He gets therapy services from a local organisation called the Autism Association of Western Australia. Last year Mrs Grendel and her scrappers raised over $2000 for the Early Intervention Centre that our son attends.

Not being a scrapper my involvement was limited to a few administrative jobs - not much fun and this year I wanted to be more involved - except I am NOT GOING TO SCRAP!

No way - that would be too easy a win for the scrappers of the planet.

No, I am going to help by roasting and selling coffee - coffee roasting is my hobby, and scrappers drink coffee so I reckon I have a captive audience on the day.

If you live in Perth or will be in Perth on June 23 and would like to go to the scrap day then all the details are here:

A Helping Hand - autism crop day fundraiser

As for me - I'll be there making coffee and wishing there was an 'Oktoberfest in June' event.


Chrissie said...

I don't live very close to Perth (although I have cousins who live there!) so I won't be showing up, sorry! But really loads of luck with it...hope you raise tons! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you're back from Perth. I was starting to freak out that you were a flash in the pan blogger, and I hadn't yet had enough.

Welcome back (and I live about 12,000 miles from Perth, so will only send best wishes)

Julie said...

boy wish i could be there! fresh roasted coffee - YUM!

Anne said...

Any chance of making this a cybercrop as well and broadening the fundraising efforts across Australia? Just a thought

Sue said...

Good luck with the fund raising ..i personally think scrapping and coffee are an ideal mix...doesn't even matter if you spill any on your stash..instant distressing!!
two of my lovelies are on the autistic spectrum (mild)..more to do with thier social skills and sons socks used to "hurt him " allthe time LOL
Only wish i lived nearer and could attend.

Anonymous said...

i have emailed and shown interest in donating packs as i live to far away. I to have a son with ASD and it's interesting to say the least. ONE must have a sense of humor when dealing with ASD!!!...good on you both for making a difference!

D@nielle said...

I think it's great you are helping out with this wonderfull fundraising event Yeah for scrappers husbands that help out !