Thursday, 22 February 2007

Political Scrapbooking

The presidential campaign in the United States is demonstrating the power of bloggers in spreading the message, and here too in Australia, political blogging in taking on a new impetus and the battle between blogger across the political spectrum is very entertaining.

But what about political scrapbooking? Surely these aspirants to high office should be preserving grand moments of their campaign - or perhaps send scrappers off to preserve low moments of their opponent's campaigns. Think of the untold riches in political history being lost because no one is preserving these seminal moments of history on 12 by 12 sheets of acid-free card stock.

Future generations I am sure would love to have an archival quality record of the Machiavellian activities of the politicians and their respective staff members.

Thinks of all the entertaining biographies that could be written with such well preserved primary source material.

And so I call upon politicians of every political colour - employ a scrapper today to preserve your place in history!

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Chrissie said...

Vive la revolution!!!!!