Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Away without my scrapper

I am away for work in another city - Adelaide. It is a lot smaller than Perth but very picturesque. However I now have a dilemma - do I take photos Mrs Grendel may want to scrap or not. After all she isn't here with me so the journalling might be a challenge and I am not a scrapper so I don't know what would make the best scrapping images.

Quite frankly I'd rather that Mrs Grendel and the Junior Grendels were here as well - it would solve the scrapping dilemma and would be much more fun than sitting here on the Hotel's Mac looking like an uber-nerd as I write a post for each of my blogs.

I also seem to have trouble decision making when they are here and I reckon I'll end up ordering room service at the rate I am going - can't decide where to eat!

I just don't think the scrapbookers of the world really understand what they have wrought upon those of us who love and live with them - ah 'tis a bitter sweet life, this scrapping life.


Chrissie said...



*Chrissie smiles patiently*

You take the photos (of COURSE you take photos). Your talented wife scraps them. YOU provide the journaling (for we all know you can write). Easy.

*Chrissie smiles patiently again*

Diane Roberts said...

You're on a slippy slope now - next thing you'll be starting your own scrapbook, dontcha know???

Vee said...

Safest is take a pic of EVERYTHING lol - keep a notebook of the pics and hand over to Mrs grendel when you get home - You will then have a GREAT night - nudge nudge wink wink lololol