Sunday, 27 May 2007

Small People

Mrs Grendel is off at one of those Scrapbooking and Craft fair thingies.

This one has been going for 5 days which is just waaaaaay to long if you ask me. 5 Days to get around Disneyland I can understand, maybe even 5 days in Sydney or Melbourne, 5 Days trekking in coffee growing country - absolutely! - but a 5 Day craft fair?

I'm waiting for the leak from a scrapper about what REALLY goes on.

Anyway I think the strain is too much for some scrappers - particularly some of those from the 'Creative Reminiscences' side of the game (think Amway for scrappers).

Mrs grendel was working near to a stand where a well known scrapbooker had been invited (as opposed to purchased space at the show) to display her work. It was one of the attractions of the fair - and very popular (well to scrapbookers, to scrapper's partners it was yet one more place to pass by on the way to the bar).

I digress.

It was a large and well thought-out display and the artist was there to meet and greet. Apparently some of the 'Amway-of-scrappers' crowd decided that they had had enough of the limelight being given to someone else and they took it upon themselves to come past and 'revile loudly' the display - they were, I heard quite nasty in their comments, cruel in fact. And loud.

From what I can understand - there are some in the CR crowd who are CR zealots and for them there "is no scrapbooking but CR". And anyone who uses product other than theirs is:

a) not really a scrapbooker
b) not a good person
c) probably eats babies

I know some people who use and sell CR (including my sister) - they are not like this at all, so I would like to go to great pains to say that I don't believe that this was anything but small minded pettiness on the part of 4 or 5 individuals, the aforementioned zealots. That being said, it can't help but reflect badly on CR if their partisans act in this way, publicly and loudly.

There must be thousands of CR people in Australia, all lovely, polite and considerate, but the 4 or 5 not-so-nice ones in the country just had to rear their out-of-joint noses eh?

Scrapbooking fundamentalism - I've touched on it before and in ANY field at all there is always a small group of people who seem to delight in dragging others down - in this case I'd suggest that pettiness and jealousy are not good sales pitches.

It rhymes you see.

With pitches.

Oh that was fun - shall we do it again for next year's craft show?


Kim said...

Oh no there are a lot more of those "CR" pitches out there. They truly are small people that get so wrapped up in their cult with all the brainwashing. They have turned off many a scrapper with their rhetoric but everyone will tell you their tools are the greatest!

Chrissie said...

Peeing my pants laughing here.

Those people need sitting down and having it explained very gently and carefully that actually (no word of a lie)...scrapbooking ain't world peace.

Nor is it the cure for cancer.

Oh...and the words "get a grip" might be appropriate as well.

But your last line had me in stitches. Which also rhymes with pitches....

Lissy said...

Fabulous stuff on...

Samm said...

Great stuff!!! LOL!!!

Dr. Sheryl said...

Perhaps that sect of CR lady should be required to wear a certain outfit: one that is dreary, tight in all the wrong places and loose in all the right places. Then we could more easily remember they are fundamentalists.

I find that image amazingly useful, thank you.