Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Horrible Thoughts

In my office at work I have a lovely red framed drawing by Junior Grendel Number One.

This is his first drawing of a person - Mummy in fact.

Being the partner of a scrapbooker I have suddenly had a horrible thought.

"Did he use Acid Free paper and textas?"

You see what scrapping is doing to me!


Kelly said...

Hi Grendel
Here's another thought..... it *probably* wasn't acid free etc etc soooooooooo..... scan it, print it as a photo or even AF paper.... use some rubons or whatever and then..... you'll have a lovely scrapbooked page that supposedly last longer than the real thing to enjoy. :)

Neasa said...

Laughing out loud at the computer screen here!!!! I'm sure Mrs Grendel has explained the importance of acid free paper etc. If it was done in school I would take the advice of Kelly! At least scan it and don't leave it on the windowsill!!!!