Saturday, 19 May 2007

Scrapper's Emails

Scrapbookers have amazing communications networks, the kind of networks multinational organisations would drool over and that are only approached in complexity by the Mafia.

Emails seem to fly back and forth and I estimate that of total global bandwidth Scrapbooking comes a close second in total consumption.

The first naturally is pornography.

Arriving in the mailbox today was this:
That would explain the tread pattern I find on our sheets each morning. . .


Lissy said...

yes email we you maybe be correct :)

Tara said...

laughed my head off... hilarious

Dr. Sheryl said...

I could not believe you were posting such an insipid quote, and I course, you weren't.

I was curious how long it took scrappers down under to catch wind of the Martha Stewart New York Times article from April 25? The one that identified scrapbookers as dowdy? and mundane?