Sunday, 6 May 2007

F F F F F Fashion

One thing I have noticed about scrapbooking in general and Mrs Grendel in particular is that like clothing, scrapping has its fashions.

These can relate to the way things are placed on a page, the style and length of journalling, embellishment types, sizes, numbers and materials, paper style, paper colours, paper patters, album types, tools, stamps, stickers or any perplexing combination of these.

So why does Mrs Grendel buy so much paper in one go? Oh I understand the economics of the bulk purchase, but is there the risk that a sudden change in vogue will leave her holding massive amounts of stock that have no currency in the new regime?

Oh yes, I am talking about the big one - just like the stock market crash of 1929 can a scrapper be left holding wads of essentially worthless paper?

I worry a little because while Mrs Grendel is enjoying the new space in her scrap room, from my position on the bed in the master bedroom I can see right into the scraproom and see the rows of paper - surely there must be some actuarial activity to determine the level of risk we are facing should current favourites fall out of favour?

I suppose it might be possible to just hold onto the stock and hope it gains some kind of 'scrapper's cred' again, or sell it on Evilbay to those who haven't caught on to the shift in the market but I would be lying if I said that this wasn't causing me sleepless nights and the occasional cardstock nightmare!

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the "en vogue" stuff cos when it's all in an album no-one but no-one will know what paper was in fashion at the time a page was designed. Just imagine your kids as grown ups and opening up their albums that Mrs Grendel has spent hundreds of hours on. Will they be looking at the paper and saying "that paper was so NOT en vogue when my mum scrapped this page!" It's just not going to happen - on the flip side tho you do need to encourage her to get some of that old paper out and use it or it will just sit in your nice new studio.