Monday, 12 March 2007

Why the Dinosaurs did not survive the flood

And the Lord said to Noah, "You must build an Ark large enough to accommodate a male and female of all the creatures of the earth. I’ve dressed some timber for you down by the water edge so that you can get a good start – whaddya say to that?"

And Noah looked upon the pile of lumber the Lord had wrought and said “Oh most mighty lord, do you think you could perhaps perform they mighty milling work a little more, perhaps about 40% more dressed cedar and oak?”

The Lord was puzzled and said “My Child surely you do not doubt my calculations for the amount of timber you will need for a vessel that will hold two of each of the creatures of the earth?”

“Oh indeed not Lord” quoth Noah, “but did you consider the shelving I’ll need for the Noah family scrapbook albums, the Ark’s scrapbooking studio and 40 days and 40 nights worth of paper, embellishments and bindings?”

"Hmmmm" considered the Lord, "I seem to be a little short of good lumber, show me that boarding manifest again. . ."


The Barefooted Scrapper said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I really need to stop reading your blog at work. People are starting to look at me funny after sudden burst of laughter from my closed office.

BeckyA said...

ROFL Too funny!

Rhi said...

LOL, fab, love it!

Dr. Sheryl said...

I had to clean the spittle off of my screen... not to make fun of your pain, or anything.