Friday, 2 March 2007

Long ago,

In a scrapping room far far away. . .

The evil forces of the Empire of Scrapbooking Room hold the galaxy in their sway.

A small band of rebels continues to hold out against tyranny but their cause is fragile and their leaders are in hiding.

The Empress has hired 'contractors' to re-shape the galaxy to her design and the rebels, having a much smaller budget have also managed a 'contractor' who was willing to be paid in beer.

Having regained some balance the rebels are now poised to consolidate their position but have discovered that the Empress plans to travel to the planet of Ikea where she will purchase the weapons to destroy the rebel forces once and for all.

The rebel forces had planned to 'max the card' by buying a new coffee weapon so that the Empress would have purchases declined on the planet Ikea.

Unbeknown to the rebels, the Empress has created a secret account from which she will purchase the weapons to seal their doom.

The rebels only hope is to establish their own base of operations from which they may one day reclaim the Front Room.


The Barefooted Scrapper said...

hahahaha!!! If only all wars could be so enjoyable. Thanks for an early morning chuckle.


Chrissie said...

Maxing out the credit card. For shame!


Terrie said...

If empress didn't do this then what on earth would the rebels have to rebel against and entertain the world?

Brian - huband of PaperMonster said...

My wife and I found this so amusing. I have to say that I too have been banished from the "Front Room" to the planet Garage where I am devising a plot to overtake the Evil Scrapping Empire. I have a series of 8 computers integrated together through grid-computing and massively parallel processing that will someday be able to modify the DNA of my nemesis to rid her of the Scrap Genome.

Keep up the great posts.
From the US Front.
- Brian.

Dr. Sheryl said...

I must say, the benign monarchy in this household has the Dining Room in thrall. However, the protesting forces have the Old House, the Kiln Shed (seventy feet long) and the New Studio in Progress on their side of the Risk board, and still, they covet Dining Room.

Power corrupts.