Sunday, 18 March 2007

Scrapping lo-res

We don't have access to the usual camera at the moment so all photos are being taken on our 2-megapixel phone cameras.

I enjoy the challenge, but Mrs Grendel does not so much.

I haven't googled it yet - but I wonder if there are any scrapping styles to incorporate 'grainy' stuff like this one from my camera:

I actually reckon its an interesting shot - but as it features no people at all I don't see much hope of it ever being scrapped.


lori said...

You could always *gasp* scrap it yourself! :)

Alli said...

I will scrap it for you honey, just do the journaling :)

twistedsoda said...

you are hysterical!!! I love this blog, you made my whole week! and yes...I am a scrapper...hehehe

Anonymous said...

Grainy photos .... yes - love them - the best for alternative scrappers!! Like that term?

Love those chairs BTW!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't have to have people to be scrap-worthy!