Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Why Bother?

Mrs Grendel gets scrapbooking magazines from time to time (actually its more regular than that as see seems to subscribe to several).

Often these magazines, as well as having photos of other people's layouts, will also have a sample of paper in them as well.


It has a fold in the middle, and is not 12 by 12 inches, and yet the layouts pictured show the layout ON A 12 BY 12 INCH SHEET OF THE SAME PAPER!

So why bother putting in an undersized piece at all?

I can't remember Mrs Grendel ever using the stuff from the magazine and I suspect the same may be true for other scrappers.

I reckon there may be a whole industry waiting out there for someone to collect all these odd sized pieces and turn them into origami spacecraft.


Lissy said...

it is usually hideous too :)

Anonymous said...

haha dont think that your efforts are wasted, you give my poor signifigant other an outlet to vent ( in a nice way) about my awful amounts of paper and glue . thanks for the humorous take on our habits! your wife is one lucky lady!

Anthea Goodman said...

Yup, I don't understand the freebie paper thing either. I have some that has never been used. In fact, our leading mag here in the UK has now decided to stop giving away freebies of any sort, including the papers!

Samm said...

So so true!!!!

I just found your blog, brilliant!!!


snafu said...

Just had your blog pointed out to me by the better half.
Its nice to know there are more other halfs "suffering" the paint marks on the sink and the lumps of glue on the table that cause your beer to spill..
Not certain if the ATC swap craze has hit you as yet, but if it does get on good terms with the postie.

thanks for cheering me up


"Grendel" said...

Snafu I hear ya - I can recommend that having a hobby of your own can be useful retribution. I roast coffee beans, which at least gets me outside.

I have noticed that the glue lumps on the kitchen bench have gradually worn away over time so there is some hope. Now that she has her own 'Studio' (the former site of my 'home theatre') I am hoping that the glue lumps and paint flecks will be restricted to that area.

I somehow suspect they won't be.