Monday, 11 February 2008

Subliminal Scrapbooking Messages

Its all a plot and I have proof!

While watching 'Wallace and Gromit - a Big Day Out' with the junior grendels on the weekend I saw the evidence that for nearly two decades scrapbookers have been infiltrating their message into the media and subversively making scrapbooking converts.

This goes some way to explaining the popularity of scrapbooking today.

It was weird - almost as if everything around me slowed down as I watched Wallace raise the camera, snap a shot and utter the fateful words - "One for the album eh boy?"

I am certain it was not a photo album he was referring to!

Wallace is the scrapbooking type - just look at his wallpaper, he obviously has a penchant for colourful paper products, and as an inventer he'd obviously want to keep a good record of all his acitivities.

This of course makes Gromit one of us - one of those who lives with a scrapper, but does not scrap himself.

Gromit is one of the Brotherhood and you can see by the way he (frequently) rolls his eyes that he too suffers along with us.

I do however harbour a suspicion that Gromit may be a secret scrapper, a character carefully placed so that in due time his habit shall be revealed as a goad to the rest of humanity who have not yet taken up the paper craft.

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