Monday, 11 February 2008

Weird Coincidence!

Remember a couple of days ago I mentioned the aerodynamic qualities and potential spaceworthiness of scrapbooking paper?

It seems that I was not really very far off the mark.

In today's Melbourne age there is a story about paper space planes.

OK - my remarks may have been in jest, but seriously, am I good or what?!?

A spacecraft made of folded paper zooming through the skies may sound far-fetched, but Japanese scientists plan to launch paper planes from the International Space Station to see if they make it back to Earth.

Earlier this week, the University of Tokyo researchers tested small, origami planes made of special paper for 30 seconds in 250 degrees Celsius heat and wind at seven times the speed of sound. The planes survived the wind tunnel test intact.

The theory is that paper craft, being much lighter than space shuttles, may escape the worst of the friction and heat that much heavier space shuttles face on re-entry to the atmosphere.

"Paper planes are extremely light so they slow down when the air is thin and can gradually descend," said Shinji Suzuki, a professor of aerospace engineering.

Suzuki said the technology might one day be used for unmanned spacecraft.

Sometimes my psychic abilities scare even me!

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