Saturday, 16 February 2008


I'm going into the clairvoyant business.

After last weeks blogging effort I almost have to - I suggested that a scrapbooking novel might be an idea, and lo, there are several.

I predicted that scrapbooking paper would make a good spacecraft, and the Japanese are rolling out (or is that unfolding?) their plans for origami space flight.

Currently I have a better record that most the crackpot self-designated prophets who made big calls about the millennium that we are still waiting on for a result.

SO - prediction time, and in the tradition of newspaper horoscopes I shall make my predictions vague and generally applicable so that I can guarantee success.

  1. Australian scrapbooking will continue in 2008 with steady sales of digital cameras and photo paper driving ever more people into photo preservation. Growth will be slower than previous years.

  2. Lurid 1960's prints will continue to annoy Mrs Grendel who has only boy children to scrapbook.

  3. I'll be sent in disgrace from the studio on at least one occasion for some as-yet undetermined infraction of the sacred scrapping space.

  4. Mrs Grendel will obtain at least one new cutting implement in the next 12 months

  5. The junior Grendels will refuse to pose for photos at some crucially cute moment.

  6. Digital scrapbooking will not become dominant over paper scrapbooking although there may be a new digital photo frame designed for scrapbook display released.

That's all for now!


"Grendel" said...

LMAO - I've told you before honey.. no farting in the studio!!!

Anonymous said...

Ahh I predict that you will be right!!

scrappinsam said...

OMG that is too, too funny! My dh was banned because he and his xbox had taken over...not cool! I wanted a room of my own to escape the sounds of video games!