Monday, 18 February 2008

Because 'Infamous' means 'more than famous'

Yes - the media have discovered the Scrapbook Widower - In Canada at least. Remind me to say nice things about Canada. Oh yeah - We need more maple syrup! Can you guys stop hogging it all and send it down under to us?

It's kind of nice to know one's efforts are not ignored.

I love the quote from one of the other Scrapbook Widowers out there:

His solution for how expensive it all is? "Make a lot of money," he advises husbands. "Scrapbooking will still be stupidly expensive but you won't notice as much. How to make 'a lot of money'? Hey, don't expect me to solve ALL your problems."

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Lissy said...

It was a good read too :)