Tuesday, 3 April 2007


Well, we survived the absence of Mrs Grendel for the weekend. There were some moments when the boys and I were not friends, but that happens (as they say).

Lately we have had a party every weekend and this continued this weekend with a birthday party on Saturday at yet another one of those kids play places.

Invariably they are called 'jungle something' or 'totally something else' or 'Wild thing' or a variation on this theme. Loud, crowded and bad coffee, but the kids love them. Not much opportunity to talk scrapbooking for any scrapping mums there though by the look of it.

By Sunday all three of us had collapsed in a heap waiting for mummy to come home, Jnr Grendel Number One and I took turn playing 'tanks' (Command and Conquer - Generals) then he brought me a white sheet of paper and said: "look Dad, I've been scrapcooking".

There in his hands was a sheet with Mrs Grendel's scrapping stickers stuck all over it. It was very nicely done, but not sure if it was what Mrs Grendel had in mind for those stickers.

Fortunately though they were surplus sheets she'd given him - from his own scrapping box of scrapping scraps.

Which leads me to wonder why it is called scrapbooking when all of the materials used are bought new, maintained in pristine condition and discarded when they are actually 'scraps'.

'High Grade Paper and Expensive Embellishent Archival Decorative Album System' may not be as catchy as 'scrapbooking, but I reckon it is more accurate!


Chrissie said...

LOL!!! Indeed!

I freak out if Daughter so much as breathes a bit too heavy near pristine cardstock. Shameful behaviour really.

From HER I mean...

Noddy said...

You make me laugh so much. You must be a secret scrapper yourself to know all the terminology??!!!
Our local kids party place is Monkey Business. Do you really expect a kid to behave in there? I suppose thats the whole point (until you hear over the tranny "No going backwards on the slide" you're waiting for "I see you, kid in the green t-shirt"!!!!!
Loving your blog, been reading for a while now. Thanks for the laughs