Thursday, 19 April 2007

Shocked and Appalled

April 3! I haven't blogged here since April 3.

Since then I've had a birthday, eaten too many Easter Eggs, met a coffee grower (my coffee hobby), calculated how many billions of dollars we need for disability services and been used as a scrapbooking embellishment twice (or was I a subject - not sure!).

We also started painting the 'Scrapping Room' and any hopes I might have had for it becoming a dual purpose "Scrapping and Home Theatre' room were immediately scotched by the green paint I applied to the walls on Sunday - not at all conducive to movie watching!

I've also been too tired to Blog much lately - sad, but there you go, life interferes with hobbies sometimes.

Our local shots are fairly new and some of the shops are just being leased. The most recent to open is a pizza shop and we tried (and enjoyed) their pizza recently. They make square pizzas and have a jumbo size that is really enormous. Consequently its box is of corresponding brobdinagian proportions. Mrs Grendel (in a moment of what I sincerely hope was idle speculation) voiced an interest in the kinds of scrapbooking supplies that could be shipped in a 24 inch pizza box (as opposed to the 12 inch size that so many supplies seem to transit the country in).

I must confess that the thought of a 24 inch binder and 24 inch pages leaves me quite breathless in horror - double the glue, at least double the embellishments and I can imagine the cost of the large-format printer AND its ink cartridges would be nothing short of astronomical.

So please scrappers, a little sanity, just because there is a pizza box of 24 inches it doesn't mean you have to fill it, a 12 inch box is a meal in itself.


Sabrina (Cook 22) said...

Wouldn't a 24" LO need 4 times the amount of glue and embellishment :D
Lovely to see a new post this morning, really enjoy your writing.

inki said...

Good to see you back and belated Happy Birthday!

Netleigh said...

Have missed your humour, Happy belated Birthday and commiserations on your lack of Home Cinema

Nina said...

Happy belated Birthday!

Just want til Mrs. G. sees the new Martha Steward line, I've heard she is going to have 18 x 18 papers.

Flat Golly said...

Happy birthday...missed the humour...welcome back!

Dr. Sheryl said...

I once saw a woman at a crop with a 36x24 (or so) book. It took up her whole spot, and an entire roll of film could fit on ONE page. She claimed Martha Stuart made it, but I've not been able to find the add.

Be careful of idle speculation.