Friday, 20 April 2007

Only in Japan

The Tokyo Times today reports the latest development in scrapbooking technology from the Majinichi Scrapbooking Technology Centre in Kyoto.

'Scrappeena' is the latest of the humanoid form robots produced collaboratively with the Sony Robotics Laboratory and incorporates a wide range of functions that will allow people to use the robot to complete most scrapbooking tasks. 'Scrappeena' comes complete with inbuilt photo printer, cutting and embossing system, OPT optical imaging system, micro-servo controlled page and embellishment placement and USB capability for design input from a PC.

'Scrapeena' is the brainchild of Dr Notsosuni Makiti. Dr Makiti's wife, Hanako is president of the Japanese National Guild of Scrapbooking and Stamping and the robot was built to allow her more time to spend with the family. Dr Makiti said that "Robots are the way of the future for Japan. The population is aging and we do not have enough people to assist the elderly with daily tasks. It is fitting that robots should be used also to allow people to enjoy their hobbies."

"I never see my wife, she is always off at Crop Nights (scrapbooking events) or in her hobby room. We have lost the intimacy that we once shared and I hope that the robot will be able to take over some of the less creative chores and allow Hanako spend more time with me."

Although 'Scrapeena' is a prototype it is understood that production models will be available from late 2010.

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