Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Mrs Grendel and I have our 8th wedding anniversary coming up shortly and I have been wondering what to buy her as a wedding present. I visited one of those websites that tells you what presents you are supposed to buy and for which anniversary.

Unfortunately the 8th anniversary seems a bit of an odd one.

In the ‘Traditional’ side of thing we have two items – the first is Bronze.

Oh goody – I can see the result now as I say “Congratulations my love, I thought you might like this to hang in the hallways” while handing her a half-tonne Chieftain’s Shield that I just happened to spot at Archeolomart. . .

The second traditional item is Rubber – A rubber gift would go down well.


Our experiences with rubber have not been as enjoyable as we thought they were going to be.

Now you can drag your mind out of the gutter because I am talking about our new Ikea Bed with the Latex (yes, latex is rubber) mattress. It was a wildly unsuccessful bed, but a moderately successful instrument of torture and Mrs G had to drag the whole sorry, unflatpacked load back to Ikea for a refund.

On the ‘Contemporary’ side of the gift suggestions was ‘Lace’ and unless Mrs G gets a sudden yearning for additional doilies I don’t see much future there either.

And by the way, what kind of ‘contemporary’ gift is lace? I know the information was on a website and is therefore at least potentially out of date, but lace sounds like something that Ida Buttrose would recommend as ‘modern’!

Still at a loss to find something appropriate though. . .


Queue_t said...

I found this link to be- intersting in that it had some nice suggestions around the Bronze theme - such as jewels with " bronze" tones- like tiger eye? or copper an alloy made with bronze and tin.

there are some interesting takes on the Lace aka - linens too, mostly they center around gifts for the home.

One thing that my hubby and I decied on our forst anniversary was to buy gifts that had meaning for both of us, alot of times this is a " home " item including decor items, for instance a mirror that he adored- I gave him on our 4th anniversary.

congrats on 8 years!

Kelly said...

Yes, congrats on Number 8.
Suggestion for a Rubber gift.... Rubber stamps for your scrapping wife??

Bev said...

jewelry!! always jewelry!! When in doubt jewelry! Even for the woman who seems to never wear jewelry. Try a necklace with a lacy chain. 'Fake out' and buy some Black Hills gold that has the copper tone to it. The rubber I can't help you with.

Dee Dee said...

Congrats on 8 years. And I too was going to suggest rubber stamps. :)