Saturday, 29 March 2008

When the cat's away

Yes, it is the weekend that many scrapbook widower's either love or dread, the weekend of the scrapbook convention/seminar/trade show/retreat etc.

Mrs Grendel has headed out to the Wheatbelt to teach scrapbooking classes to the women of the west, errrr east, but only the eastern part of the west really.

Here at home the male members of Grendel's Lair have lived it up by eating toast and drinking hot chocolates with marshmallows - except we ran out of marshmallows, some planning gone awry there I think.

Currently Junior Grendel Number One is sound asleep in the parental bed, having dropped off about 3 minutes after I pressed play on a DVD of Star Trek.

Unfortunately Junior Grendel Number Two is still wide awake, in the bed beside big brother and asking tricky questions like "what is holding it up?" about a space station.

My attempt to explain microgravity has been met with a certain level of scepticism and thus I have departed hoping that in the time it takes me to write this post he may have forgotten his Newtonian queries and dropped off to sleep.

UPDATE: No, not asleep and is now asking about the relativistic space/time distortion effects of wormhole transit while at warp 4.2

Long night ahead.


Anonymous said...

I assure you these questions will seem easy in the face of 'where did I come from?' and 'how did I get out?' etc. LOL

mum to curious DD6

Morti said...

Oh, hilarity....

Out of the mouths of babes....

Dee Dee said...

Love it.

From a trekkie & scrappy mom.