Monday, 10 March 2008

The walls

It is spreading like a contagious disease. Off you go merrily to work in the morning and return home in the afternoon to find that the scrapbooking has leapt off the pages and on to the walls.

I wondered if she'd run out of paper, but no, there on the shelf is the usual rainbow of cardstock - this was graffiti, pure and simple.

I suppose I should have expected it - but I am concerned that the next logical step once she runs out of immovable objects to scrapbook will be to scrapbook some of the, err 'movable' one. That includes the cats (although I'm pretty much ok with that concept) the two junior Grendels, and Me.


Let me make myself clear.


Not at all, never.

I am certain that because of the impermanent nature of any paper friend adhesive when applied to the human body that any scrapbooking of my flesh would involve tattoos. Worse still is the though of how I may be embellished - titanium brads or somesuch I suppose.

Can I just state for the record that I am not acid-free and that I intend to commence lignin eating immediately.

Of course I could get my own back by hiring the painter from this cafe to come and apply a brush to our wall so that I can have my own copy of the formula for caffeine on the wall - my very own graffiti!


Alli said...

if you want that on the wall above your coffee machine go for it.. but don't forget I want cupboards up there.. even if you want that on a number plate I wont mind at all :)

and you are just not the tattoo'd type honey so I will stick to inanimate objects

BubbaH said...

Mr. Grendel,



so A"MUSE"D said...

I think it looks fabulous Mrs. Grendel Love how you tucked it into the corner like that. And we scrapper know that men and children could never sit still long enough to let us scrap on them!!

"Grendel" said...

I do tell her bubbah - she seems to have selective hearing!

Lissy said...

Go for the graffiti :) Sounds great :) Mrs G might do it for you :)

Sarah C. said...

ROFL! :) I'm practically in tears from laughing so hard. Please be sure to post pics of your altered self. ;)

Shelley Moore said...

LOL!!! I just LOVE your blog - I check in on it sometimes, but haven't seen anything in months! Hope all is well and hope to see some new updates soon!