Tuesday, 11 December 2007


The partner of any scrapbooker who has been scrapping a while will already know WHAT NOT TO TOUCH.

However it would be more helpful if from time to time the household scrapper could refresh the memory of the partner as to specific boundaries. Little scissor things I notice, are particularly valued. Misuse of these leads to certain pain for the scrapbook widower.

Lately Mrs Grendel has been the beneficiary of a larger scrapping room, an iPod and Speakers to scrap along to tunes with, a refurbished desk to use as a standing desk and a new hard drive for storage of photos.

Shortly I’ll also be trying to buy her a station wagon to make it easier to transport those big plastic crates that seem to be essential for toting scrapping stuff.

When all is said and done, Mrs Grendel’s scrapping environment will have improved considerably in 2007. She did most of the work herself mind you so I can’t complain.

However, I think I’d like a pair of scissors of my own now.


Lissy said...

Well I am sure Santa will bring you some scissors...hope the coffee machine is soon mended! And hoping ours soon arrives!

Sheryl Wilkinson said...

Yes, you should have your own scissors. And hers should stay sacrosanct. After all, she doesn't make a garlic based soup in your coffee pot, right? (And if she doesn, feel free to trim your toenails with those bitty scissors)

Anonymous said...

Ah, nice to see you back! Tell me, what can I do to get my SW to stop putting his garden hat on my scrap desk???


Dee Dee said...

Ask her for her older duller scissors. :)