Thursday, 19 July 2007

Scrapping Anthems

Mrs Grendel often likes to listen to music while she scraps. Unfortunately we don't have a stereo in our house, but I recently bought her an iPod for the gym and hopefully we shall shortly have some speakers to go with that.

Do scrappers generally listen to music while they scrap - and does the scrapping influence the music choice or does the music change the way you scrap?

I just suddenly had a potentially incongruous picture in my head of a heavily pierced teenager listening to thrash metal while delicately placing pretty little floral embellishments. . .


Daphne said...

Your images are so unexpected and certainly do make me laugh out loud!

Jamie said...

Ok, I'll admit it.. I'm 31, have 10 tattoo's, my old man is a biker/ tattoo artist and we spend many a weekend riding. I drink too much sometimes, and scrapbook, I'm pierced, and I listen to things such as staind, sublime or Nine inch nails when I scrapbook.. Even a little Johnny Cash on occasion. We're a weird lot following this cult of 12 x 12 squares ;)