Saturday, 14 July 2007

Salvation is at Hand

Fear not oh Hordes of Scrappers, salvation is at hand, your expeditions to IKEA need not end abruptly again - IKEA have now opened a hostel for those shoppers who cannot finish their shopping - see the Guardian story here

I expect Mrs Grendel will be making a series of week long visits. . .


Lissy said... you just kip down in the shop...guess it really is try before you buy!

Anthea Goodman said...

OMGosh!! Not sure I'd really want to be seen wondering around IKEA in a nightgown and slippers. Not sure that anyone would really WANT to see me doing so... I would scare off all the customers in the morning!

BTW Mr Grendel... welcome back! I've missed your posts. Keep posting and don't disappear again please!