Thursday, 8 November 2007

Not Cool!

Mrs Grendel has come to terms with the fact that the boys and I are a permenant presence in her scrapping room and I thought that the installation of an air conditioner might be a suitable reward, one $370 later we are the proud owners of a split system to keep the scrapping room and the computers and their attendants cool.

Nothing prepared any of us for the possibility that installation might cost twice what the aircon did.

A real D'oh moment - especially since we don't have that kind of D'oh lying around.

So what do we do? - I'm thinking we try taking the aircon back to the aircon shop and getting a refund (its unopened) and then maybe dangling icecubes in front of a fan for this year.

Not sure how that might go over with the scrapping queen though.

1 comment:

Audrey said...

Welcome back - you've been quiet for a while, was that the shock of the cost of aircon installation?