Friday, 8 June 2007

Scrapping with feeling

This blog seems to have attracted the attention of some very passionate scrappers.

I am a great fan of diving into hobbies with passion. It is much more entertaining that way.

I encourage people however to look beyond partisanship and embrace compassionate scrapbooking. (ahh election season. . .)

I love it even more when logic and passion are combined and my challenge to the scrappers is to correctly interpret the following maxim in the context of current discussions on the "Cold War" post.

All ducks are birds but not all birds are ducks

At present many of the comments are proving my point, which while entertaining for me, hardly gives me more to work with!


Lissy said...

Sorry have completely lost me on this one....

Lissy said...

OK - I have got it the comments on your cold war post...lots of crazy people out there...and I think does any off it really matter...variety and choice is good...people should do what they want and leave others to do like wise! Keep posting! It's a good read!

Anonymous said...

So you know, a link to your blog was posted on an "IR" mailing list, specifically mentioning the "Cold War" entry. That's why the crazies are crawling out of the woodwork. :-)

"Grendel" said...

I kinda thought it must be something like that!

Hmmmmm mailing list comments spam - better than donuts!